Our Strategy

HAFA’s strategy begins collaboration. We want to show that anyone, at anywhere can have a direct impact on food policy and on the future of the food system. We believe this will result in some of the most valuable policy innovations in food justice and it’s related issues in DC. Here are a few of the ways we do this:


HAFA takes the time for members to meet each other and exchange resources. Our Advisory Space Meetings and Monthly Network Gatherings are spaces for

sharing stories and skills, networking and getting real food justice work done. As a result, HAFA is gaining the reputation for being able to gather together large numbers of people all over DC because of it’s strong and deep networks. Join us!



HAFA brings people together based on common issues and interests to have conversations and strategy sessions about the food system and it’s related issues. Shared values and relationships are the glue that holds networks together so we focus on strengthening and growing them. HAFA builds community consensus through a participant-led research process called Community BrainstormsHAFA’s strategy is to influence public policy from the ground up by starting with local problems, then doing careful, accountable research.


HAFA makes organizing, real-life and fundraising skills accessible through training and member-led skillsharing. Everyone has something to contribute and we want to build leaders among our membership. So far, our members have taught such skills as:

  • Radio Broadcasting
  • Building Raised Beds
  • Raw Food Prep
  • Food Handling and Policy
  • Hiking
  • Grassroots Fundraising
  • and more…

HAFA is led by ordinary people who are learning to use collective power-building and story-based strategy to to bring resources and political attention to their communities.


Formal training is a tool we use to hone the skills of our most involved members and to invest in our networks. We have made trainings in organizing, anti-racism, growing skills and media available through a number of partnerships. Most of the organizations who have contributed training resources have been in our network for a long time and are committed to being consistent resources for our members.

Training Partners


HAFA brings people together based on shared values and relationships and teaches other organizations the art of collaboration. HAFA challenges its members and partners to listen to the concerns and ideas of their neighbors across lines of privilege, place and access of resources. we really believe that considerations of place, race and interlocking systems of support are elements that have a significant bearing on the success of movement building in DC. We take them seriously. As a result HAFA member organizations are stronger at organizing with the people most affected by food justice issues. HAFA members have the ability to act on a comprehensive vision for their communities and neighborhoods. Additionally,

Here’s what we have worked on together:

  • Collaboration in Campaigns and Organizing
  • Collaborative grantmaking and Fundraising

Go to our blog to learn more about HAFA’s collaborative work.